“Kendrick Foster, Braden Mack, and Markise Davis have been integral members of our basketball program, and are a huge reason for the success our program has seen over the past three years”.  That was the statement that resonated in the Oxford High School Sports Arena on Friday morning as family, friends, peers, and school staff personnel and coaches gathered to recognize and celebrate three basketball players who would continue their basketball careers at the collegiate level.  Each player will be heading off to college come August with more practices and games ahead.  After a long recruiting process Kendrick Foster accepted a scholarship offer from Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge, IA.  Markise Davis and Braden Mack both will be attending Wallace State Hanceville to play basketball for Coach John Meeks.  It was a culmination of hard work and persistence by each young man.  Family and friends were present to hear each player speak of their appreciation of all involved to help them get to this point in their lives.  Each player spoke of their joyful time in high school and with their teammates and coaches and all they had learned throughout the process of getting the opportunity to be a college basketball player.  Coach Joel Van Meter had some nice things to say about the trio.  “I think each one of them made the decision that was best for them personally.  Each young man has represented themselves, their family, and our school in a first class manner.  I know they will do the same at the programs they will be attending”.  “Coach John Meeks and Coach Dennis Pilcher are getting young men who are ready to accept challenges and understand the importance of the daily grind.  I’m overwhelmed with joy for their opportunities”, Van Meter stated.