Oxford High School men’s basketball program enjoyed one of the more fulfilling nights for both the school and the community when former players from the last four decades assembled in the Oxford Sports Arena to celebrate the past while participating in some spirited basketball games.  Players from the 70’s all the way through the 2000’s were present to celebrate the program and relive old memories on the hard wood.  The night consisted of a short ceremony commemorating the influence that now Athletic Director and then head basketball coach Larry Davidson and wife Connie had on all the players who came through the basketball program during those years.  Also honored were the families of the late Greg Hobdy and Chauncey Teague.

Players were filled with emotions when talking about the influence Coach Davidson, his wife, and the community had on their basketball career, but more on their success as individuals today.  Following the brief ceremony the players got together to showcase their talent on the floor.  It was easy to see why the Tradition that has been built at Oxford is so great and far reaching.  The night ended with a group picture while former team captain Gary Mason, owner of Mason’s BBQ, filled orders outside the arena for his famous BBQ and sauce.  “This is one of the better events I’ve been a part of in this community to bring former students/players together as one”, stated Davidson.  Carlos Evans, organizer of the event, was adamant in the value of the time together as a community.  “We need to continue this event every year so the young people in our community know the history and tradition that exists, as well as the faces and names behind it.”